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Eco-friendly water heating

Nothing is better than climbing into a hot bath on a cold winter's morning. But do you think where the energy to heat the water is coming from? Your standard boiler is a high traffic consumer of fossil fuels.


Solar thermal energy harnesses the energy of sunlight to give you hot water all year round. It's reliable and inexpensive. Call Teign Renewables Ltd for details.

Reducing your carbon footprint and your gas bills

With gas bills at high level, many people are turning their boilers down and using less hot water. With solar thermal water heating you won't have to do that. It effectively reduces your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Renewable energy solutions

• Free advice and initial consultations

• Supply and installation

• Spare parts

• Maintenance and repairs

Commercial heating

Solar thermal energy can be used on a large scale for businesses of any size. Our collectors are also ideal for keeping water at a constant warm temperature, in swimming pools for example.

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