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Generate power with solar photovoltaic panels

Solar photovoltaic panels (PV panels), are a great source of renewable energy. They can still generate electricity, even in cloudy conditions.


Teign Renewables Ltd install high quality PV panels and materials. Call us for a free quote, and to find out how they can save you money.

Future proof energy

Non renewable energy sources are dwindling and energy bills keep going up. When you use PV panels to generate your own energy, you won't be reliant on electricity from energy companies. It means cheaper bills for the future of your property.

Solar energy benefits

• Protecting the environment

• Cheaper energy bills

• Government incentives for energy generated

• The energy companies pay you for your generated energy

Taking money from the Government

How would you like to receive some free money from the Government? That's what PV panels achieve. Current Government incentives give our customers an annual return of up to 20% on their investment.

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