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Battery Storage has been growing in popularity as households and commercial properties seek greater self- sufficiency and independence fron the national grid, battery storage enables you to make the most of the electricity you generate from your PV array, storing energy from an off-peak electricity supply or both. This stored energy can then be used during peak times or simply when the sun goes down, this means not only great electricity savings but it also means that free or cheaper electricity is there whenever you want.

Following the huge success of the Tesla Powerwall 1 we are now taking bookings for the Powerwall 2, the Tesla products are only available through a network of approved installers so call us today to book your Tesla installation.


We also offer LG Chem system which again a fantastic addition to any PV system and also an entry level Growatt storage sytem which are great value for money.


Tesla Powerwall 2 -  AC/DC options, 13.5kWh lithiumn battery, 7kWh output

                                  10 year warranty, 92% efficiency.


LG Chem               -  DC options only, 7kWh and 9.8kWh lithiumn batteries

                                  4.2 and 5 kWh output, 10 year warranty, 92% efficiency


Growatt                 -  DC options only, 2.4kWh and 5kWh lithiumn batteries

                                 5 year warranty, upto 94% efficiency

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