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Your local heat pump installers

There are natural energy sources all around your home just waiting to be harnessed. Ground source heat pumps and air sourced heat pumps convert this latent energy into heating and hot water for your home.


For an ecologically-friendly heat pump installation, just call Teign Renewables Ltd. We'll go through everything with you, and find the best solution for your home.

What can heat pumps be used for?

- Heating your domestic hot water

- Space heating through radiators and or under floor heating.

- Cooling systems

- Heat pumps are a cost effective solution for properties not connected to mains gas.

Low maintenance heating

Have you suffered a boiler breakdown? It's frustrating and expensive to fix. Air and ground source heat pumps are supremely reliable and have very few moving parts. This gives them superior reliability to gas boilers.

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Get paid for using your heating

The government RHI (renewable heat insentive) means that you will be paid for the heat that your heat pump creates. Based on your heating requirements this can contribute arround 80-100% of your installation costs over the 7 years of the scheme.